We stand for professional facilitation and psychology-based coaching of all kinds of groups and teams in organisations and companies. We assist, promote and advise teams during their creation, set-up, development and change as well as in all potential crisis and conflict situations. We particularly focus on assisting leadership and management teams (at top management level).

Services offered in the field of team development:

  • Setting up and integrating teams
  • Analysing the status of team functionality
  • Developing a binding team charter that is applicable in real life
  • Working on typical operative (discussion) topics by way of example
  • Presenting a positive image of the team externally (image building)
  • Managing conflicts (roles, interests, relations) constructively
  • Dealing with rivalry and competitiveness
  • Promoting team and feedback culture
Clients regularly engage our services in the fields of group coaching, meeting facilitation, and support and assistance in difficult team and group situations. The spectrum ranges from individual team workshops to continuous assistance during fundamental change processes. In particular, the highly experienced team partners offer workshops for senior executive teams. For many years, we have been assisting management boards and management teams from branches of the leading companies in the world, including the DAX 30 companies. Next to applying well-established team coaching methods in meeting facilitation and team building, we base our approach on proactive, integrative facilitation pursuing the following goals: bringing things out into the open and analysing problems transparently; ensuring a fair balance of interests; activating the strength of common human bonds to enable authentic encounters; promoting genuine team cohesion as well as permanent, strong and effective team performance. Building on our advisor personality and on many years of expertise in coaching, we also use methods that include elements of communication and conflict psychology, group dynamics and theme-centred interaction (TCI).

What we think is particularly important in team measures:

  • Combining thematically driven reflexive elements with playful open elements
  • Using a streamlined agenda and being open to processes and moments
  • Giving equal status to individuality, team spirit and focus on the target (task)
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