In addition to offering assistance to individuals and groups, we also guide our clients in the development of their organisations. The systemic perspective supplements and enriches the concepts and methods we use, which are centred on the individual. We make use of the fact, that the broader context in a given company affects every single person. Optimising the structure of organisational realities always helps improve employee performance and satisfaction in the workplace.

Services offered in the field of organisational development:

1. Workshop facilitation within the scope of change processes
  1. Professional assistance with operative and strategy meetings related to all stages of change, ranging from initial concept to final assessment.
  2. Change workshops for key position holders using group dynamics and the set of methods and values belonging to theme-centred interaction (TCI).
2. Mission statements
We assist our clients to develop and implement mission statements by building on our expertise in all stages of the process. We have both psychological knowledge as well as process-based know-how. Mission statements are intended to elucidate and document the identity, purpose and objectives of organisations and companies, and to help improve their implementation in practice—for the benefit of employees, clients and collaborating partners. Next to the typical “mission and vision”, corporate mission statements increasingly include (inter)cultural, social and value-based aspects. This makes the development and “life” of mission statements particularly challenging.
3. 360-degree feedback: Process monitoring and coaching
  1. Professional assistance in developing methods and interpreting results.
  2. Group and individual coaching sessions based on feedback results; different settings with psychologically based conversation techniques.

What we think is particularly important in organisational development:

  • Giving equal status to human and performance-based goals and perspectives
  • Linking personnel development to organisational development
  • Adopting a methodological approach that serves people and is not an end in itself
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