The main focus of our consulting activities is on providing state-of-the-art solutions and concepts for all fields of application of personnel and aptitude diagnostics. In this context we work for regional and international companies and organisations of all sizes. Whenever possible, we combine the diagnostic elements with elements of personnel development to enable learning and continuing development even during the diagnostic process.

Services offered in the field of management diagnostics:

  • Potential analysis assessments as group processes to identify and promote executives, employees and project leaders.
  • Development centers and orientation centers as group processes to assess the current situation and, based on this assessment, to provide for targeted personnel development.
  • Management audits and management potential analyses (MPA) as individual-based processes to fill vacancies and/or to promote professional development.
  • Integrated development workshops that combine diagnostics with personnel development through elements of training.
  • Midlife reviews for experienced top performers and executives, enabling a comparison of their self-perception with their perception by others and, if requested, reorientation of their individual development after many years of professional experience.
  • Interview and observer training programmes to enable qualification for HR officers and executives.
  • Competence management: Competence models serve as the basis for all stages in personnel and organisational development: finding, contacting and recruiting personnel; getting to know and employing personnel; and continuing to develop personnel, i.e. promoting, retaining and managing personnel. We are engaged in the field of process facilitation and content design related to the development, preparation and implementation of skills- and competence models (catalogues of criteria for leadership & collaboration) as well as in the field of tool development based on competence models and corporate mission statements (HR tools such as recruiting systems, interview guidelines, training and educational concepts).
Since 1995, we have been developing innovative high-quality concepts for international management diagnostics. We always base our work on the latest research findings. Our processes are built to be resource-saving and tailor-made. In close collaboration with our clients, we develop methodologically well-founded processes that are also practicable and value-driven. As well as contributing our own personalities and our consulting expertise, we use a wide range of academically grounded proven diagnostic tools, most of them in digital form. They include psychological testing procedures (performance, aptitude, leadership, and personality), video-based analyses of behaviour, case studies and management simulations (e.g. “Next-Day Inc.”) as well as CV analyses. In addition, we attach great importance to compliance with quality standards in accordance with the internationally recognised standards of procedure—e.g. by conducting a systematic needs analysis; focussing on competences and potential indicators; providing effective and constructive feedback; documenting results accurately; giving recommendations for development that refer equally to strengths, talent focus and areas for development; and developing procedures in a transparent manner. Subsequent to our management diagnostics measures, we offer follow-up training programmes specifically tailored to the participants’ development needs and/or individual personal coaching (on site) or via Skype.

What we think is particularly important in management diagnostics:

  • Taking into account the general cultural and intercultural framework in companies
  • Focussing on the strengths and resources of the participating candidates
  • Ensuring a high degree of transferability and development in diagnostics
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