We offer our clients professional individual coaching for employees and executives of all ages and backgrounds. Our concepts to assist and consult individuals have a sound methodological and psychological basis while encouraging openness and creative process development. The main subjects of our coaching programmes include personality development, strengthening a sense of self-responsibility, and improving job satisfaction as well as identifying new and challenging perspectives in the workplace.

Services offered in the field of coaching:

  • Reflecting on and analysis of (critical) feedback received in the workplace.
  • Improving communication skills as well as social and emotional skills.
  • Developing, strengthening and optimising leadership skills.
  • Developing potential and personality (career management).
  • Personal assessment: reflecting on status, role and future.
  • Coping with crisis situations and developments at work.
  • Optimising self- and stress management.
  • Providing assistance with (current) social and leadership-related conflicts.
  • Providing career coaching and (new) job orientation.
We support our coachees in maintaining professionalism in the workplace and furthering their personal development. Also, we listen to our coachees carefully, give them feedback and advice, and help them develop new and alternative, yet authentic ways of thinking and behaving. The core elements of successful individual coaching are result-oriented self-reflections performed calmly and without pressure, and repeated honest and clear conversations. This can be complemented by using proven personality inventories and (if required, video-based) behavioural exercises as well as by discussing relevant literature. Jointly with our coachees, we seek to find solutions both to typical role-related issues and problems (such as: delegating tasks, maintaining motivation, dealing with criticism and conflicts, and supporting employees’ personality development) and to value-related topics and conflicts in organisations. We are frequently requested to provide individual coaching after the coachees have received (critical) feedback from executives, peers or employees. In this case, it is very important to not only make them genuinely reflect on the critical aspects of their personality but also strengthen their personality with a focus on personal resources. Next to contributing our own personalities and our consulting expertise, we also use methods that include elements from result-focussed self-reflection, conversational and behavioural therapy, and a wide range of traditional leadership techniques (based on the latest research findings). Last but not least, we involve other corporate levels and persons—such as superiors, colleagues, employees and occasionally clients—in the individual process of coaching (e.g. when giving 360-degree feedback), provided that this is useful to the coachee and has been agreed with him/her.

What we think is particularly important when coaching individuals:

  • Concentrating on two basic goals: to take pleasure in achievement and to be capable of it
  • Combining psychological expertise with authentic sympathy and guidance
  • Making possible what can be done, not striving for the impossible
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